Our urgent worldwide challenges cry out for nothing less than a guiding vision that transcends political polarities and sectarian divisions. Humanity is being called to a new way of being that reflects the reality of our essential oneness. Embracing such a transformation of consciousness can inspire genuine cooperation and generate solutions that satisfy both our deep spiritual longings and our practical needs. The core of the world's wisdom traditions and the leading edge of modern science point to the following principles as the basis for such an approach:

All beings are endowed with the infinite energy that is the source of life itself, and which we call by different names, both religious and secular.

Forging a conscious connection to this ultimate reality is an innate part of the human drive for meaning, wholeness, and fulfillment.

Deepening that connection can enhance our innate capacity for wisdom, kindness, love and other universal virtues.

No single tradition, philosophy or faith is the only way to describe or satisfy this basic drive for profound meaning and higher purpose.

Imagine a world in which these principles guide not only our personal lives but social and political policies as well.

We—spiritual leaders, teachers and practitioners from a wide range of paths—believe that such a world is possible if we reach across the boundaries of belief, ethnicity and nationality to tap the sacred source that unites us all. Standing on that firm foundation, we can address our collective problems by harvesting the best resources of all systems of knowledge-spiritual, technological and scientific-while recognizing that no one perspective contains all the truth for all cultures, times and conditions.

We invite people from all corners of the world to affirm the above principles and pledge to realize the following moral imperatives:

Acknowledge and treat as sacred the interconnectedness of all living beings to each other and to our beloved planet.

Build relationships, families and communities that foster complete human development in every domain of life.

Enlarge our circle of concern, expanding what we think of as "I" and "we" to embrace the well-being of others as part of our own well-being.

Stand firm in favor of religious and spiritual freedom—and against religion-based coercion or violence.

Form governments that rise above partisan ideologies to creatively address our needs for security and prosperity while also protecting freedom, health and the environment.

Develop our capacity, individually and together, to bring these commitments into reality.

We humbly urge you to join us in a sincere and determined effort to develop initiatives, both public and private, that boldly address our common challenges.


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