Geoffrey Caine


Geoffrey Caine, LL.M., is the Executive Director of the Natural Learning Research Institute. His work is focused on how the brain/mind learns naturally and is used in leading edge educational reform. He is co-author of seven books as well as author of many chapters and articles, that integrate brain research, small group processes, systems thinking, natural learning and education. He began meditating in 1973. He also conducts a program, in association with Project Heaven on Earth, on "Expertise as a spiritual path.";


Arthur Deikman


Psychologist, Author, Mystical Theoretician


Tom Feldman


Forge Board Chair, Adjunct Professor of Communications, Woodbury University, Burbank, CA. Emmy award recipient. Cameraman, Lighting Director and Gaffer. President of ClearFire Media and Feldman Production Services, providing creative content, know how and equipment to the entertainment business for over 25 years. Tom also does one on one coaching and teaches workshops on Relationship and Creating a Future.


Robert Forman


Founder and CEO of the Forge Institute, Founder of the Journal of Consciousness Studies, Co-Editor of Book Series on Neurophysiology, Spirituality and Consciousenss, Associate Professor Religion (City University of New York), author of 11 books and numerous articles on mysticism and spirituality. Dr. Forman was a key figure in the so called "Katz-Forman" debates about the nature of mystical experience. Dr. Forman also does one on one spiritual counseling.


Philip Goldberg


Director of the Forge Guild and founding board member of the Forge Institute, Phil is the author or coauthor of 18 books, most recently Roadsigns on the Spiritual Path. He is also an Interfaith Minister with a spiritual counseling practice in Los Angeles.




In 1984 Andy James gave up his career as a Chartered Accountant to become a teacher of integrated body-mind spirituality from the Buddhist Daoist tradition, including Meditation, Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong. He is the Founder and Chief Instructor of The Toronto Meditation Centre and the Founder of Harmony Dawn, an unique retreat centre voted one of the œgreenest buildings in Canada. He is the author of 3 books on spirituality, an international judge and Master demonstrator of the einternal martial arts, and a certified therapist in Medical Qigong and in Shiatsu.


Doug Kruschke


Corporate Facilitator, Pathways Leader

  Sally Mah© is Director of Organizational Development with the United Religions Initiative. She is co-author of Birth of a Global Community: Appreciative Inquiry in Action, 2003; and, A Greater Democracy Day by Day, 2004. Sally holds an M.Ed from Harvard and a MA in Theology from General Episcopal Seminary. Sally has also developed a nationally recognized curriculum in the basic principles of democracy, Law in Action Series, 1980 and created spiritual education programs, œSpirit of Place, œDeepening the Journey, œEducating for Democracy.



Don is a physician who has practiced Internal Medicine & Infectious Diseases for several decades. A forerunner in teaching about the effect of the mind, emotions and spirit on illness, Don helped pioneer the use of guided imagery and prayer as methods of healing, particularly in the treatment of life threatening illness.

Don has also functioned as a spiritual leader and teacher for four church communities in the tumultuous Catholic Archdiocese of Boston, including two that went into twenty four hour vigil over four years ago, to prevent their closure.


Susan Quinn


Zen meditation leader; consultant/facilitator specializing in group conflict; writer of two on-line newsletters and author of The Deepest Spiritual Life: The Art of Combining Personal Spiritual Practice with Religious Community.


Jeanette Renouf


Jeanette L. Renouf, Ph.D., D.Min. retired psychotherapist of more than 30 years. Founder and board member of Tacheria Interfaith Spirituality Center in Tucson , AZ. Currently head of the Society of the Companion of the Holy Cross (Episcopal). Jeanette has led retreats in Europe, Asia, Central America and the U.S. She is also an educator and spiritual director.


Gary Richman


Spiritual Psychologist, Radio host


Kim Robinson


Yoga Instructor


Martin Rutte


Facilitator, Management Consultant, Global Leader in Spirituality and Business, Co-Author of the New York Times Business Best-seller Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work, Founder:


Chris Schaefer


Anthroposophist, Educator




Jim Walkup spends much of his time practicing "marriage friendly" marital counseling in New York City and Bronxville. Jim grew up in the world of Southern Spirituality as a preacher's kid. He graduated from Davidson College, Princeton Seminary and the American Foundation for Religion and Psychiatry, (now the Institutes of Religion and Health). He was ordained as a Presbyterian Minister and founded the Counseling Center of Southern Westchester in Bronxville. Jim 's membership include the American Association of Pastoral Counselors and the American Association of Marriage and Family Counselors. Jim trained took training as well to be a Spiritual Director from the Center for Spirituality and Justice. He enjoys integrating the spiritual and psychological journey. He has an irregular practice in meditation, journaling and blues piano playing.




Tim Weitzel, Ph.D. has 20+ years of experience in the consulting and training profession. He is president of Dynamic Learning Systems, Berkeley, which helps organizations achieve performance excellence through high involvement, high integrity work practices.

Clients include Fortune 500 companies such as FISERV, John Deere Credit, Trek Bicycles. Tim holds a BBA in management, a masters in education, and a Ph.D. in depth psychology; he brings all this training to his depth spiritual work with churches and individuals.


Melissa West


Member of the Forge Board. Adjunct Professor at Antioch University and Bastyr University. Psychotherapist, spiritual director, and life coach for 25 years. Author of 4 books, including Exploring the Labyrinth: A Guide for Healing and Spiritual Growth. Melissa does one-on-one counseling and coaching by phone and in person in Seattle.

The Call to Global Spiritual Citizenship says that worldwide challenges cry out for nothing less than a guiding vision that transcends political polarities and sectarian divisions. What is that new way of being in the world that embraces and expresses the kind of spiritual transformation of consciousness that we call for? What solutions might we articulate that will satisfy both our deep spiritual longings and our practical needs?    

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