The Forge Institute

Please join us in the great challenge of our times.

Our world has become like a village. In it we must either learn to love, trust and grow with people like and unlike ourselves, or do great damage to each other and to our planet.

We human beings have the technology to solve the issues of the day. We certainly have the need! What we lack is a large enough viewpoint.

We invite you to develop with us the expanded consciousness that will allow us to link arms across our ancient chasms of mistrust. A perspective of love, for ourselves and each other, that leads us to work shoulder to shoulder with people from other pathways.

There is a mystery, an infinite energy at the source of life itself. Every great pathway, religious and secular, points towards it. Because such a mysterious energy underlies all of our traditions, it can serve as common ground. On it we can deepen our lives, love each other, and develop common solutions together.

Please join us in developing a new and trans-traditional approach to our problems. Deepen your level of consciousness; build relationships of love and growth. And on such a basis, develop collective action together that both expresses and enhances our deepening consciousness.

Please join us in becoming a Global Spiritual Citizen!